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Are you suffering from allergies, immunity issues, chronic pain, and skin conditions such as eczema or acne? Believe it or not, these health problems can be caused by an unhealthy gut. As Hippocrates states, all disease starts in the gut! And that’s why ensuring your gut’s health is important to keep you healthy.

7 Foods For Your Gut’s Health!

#1. Banana

Bananas are suggested by doctors for patients with an upset stomach. It is a fruit that is rich in magnesium,  potassium and has anti-inflammatory properties. According to studies, the banana is known to be a prebiotic food that provides fiber and resistant starch for the body to produce butyrate- a fatty acid that is associated with reduced abdominal discomfort for individuals with irritable bowel syndrome.

#2. Grass-Fed Meat

Eating grass-fed meat from the animals such as turkeys, chickens, cows, and lambs can provide you with a high amount of essential nutrients to keep your digestion running smoothly whereas the animals injected with hormones and antibiotics can result in leaky gut syndrome. So remember, what your meat eats before you eat it is very important.

#3. Bone Broth

Healthy cells are the body’s vital unit that rebuilds to provide strong immunity against any disease entering your body. These diseases can be any viral and bacterial infection, digestive disorders, and leaky gut syndrome. The best way to ensure the health of the cell is by providing them with enough nutrients by consuming bone broth as the bone marrow contain nutrients essential for boosting the immune system.

#4. Pineapples

Love pineapple? This superfood is rich in high- levels of nutrients- giving compounds such as iron, potassium, copper, manganese, zinc, copper, and a lot more. Also, it is a great source of an enzyme called bromelain which has been proven to effectively reduce the growth of candida (a microbe)- which is a major cause of the leaky gut syndrome.

Note: Eating too much pineapple can upset your stomach due to its acidity.

#5. Ginger

Ginger is a superfood used as a remedy for treating respiratory issues, skin conditions, and of course, leaky gut syndrome. It has several essential properties and acts as antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, and antiparasitic agents. The studies have proved that consuming ginger or its essential oil can limit the formation of cancer cells while boosting the body’s immunity. It also improves the production of stomach acid, bile, and pancreatic enzymes required for healthy digestion.

#6. Coconut Oil or Milk

Coconut oil is known to boost the body’s ability to increase metabolism and energy. It supports healthy digestion as it absorbs calcium, magnesium, and other essential vitamins. Also, coconut oil can help in candida or Irritable Bowel Syndrome imbalances in the gut.

#7. Fermented Foods & Probiotics

Consuming fermented foods can be highly beneficial for your gut’s health. Most especially it improves and activates the essential microbes in our stomach. The bioactive enzymes, B vitamins, and other organic acids found in fermented foods can improve the body’s digestive functions and balance the levels of bile, acid, and pancreatic enzymes.

In order to flourish the good bacteria in the gut, you can also opt for probiotic-rich foods such as yogurt and kefir.

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Disclosure: We’re letting you know that this post contains sponsored links which GetHealthy...

Disclosure: We’re letting you know that this post contains sponsored links which GetHealthy...

Disclosure: We’re letting you know that this post contains sponsored links which GetHealthy...

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