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Summer could be annoying for many of us. Especially if the scorching sun can bother our skin and also leads to health problems. When the hot and humid weather is already making you feel uncomfortable, remember to take care of your skin and follow certain healthy routines to stay active this Summer.

What Happens When Your Body Is Exposed To Too Much Sun Heat?

Basically, when the human body is exposed to the sun’s heat for a long duration, it results in a condition called Hyperthermia.  And of course, you could identify that you are hyperthermic when your body goes through several stages that include:

  • Heat Syncope: It is the initial stage when your body insists that its temperature is increasing. When it happens you feel exhausted as you are dehydrating.
  • Heat Rash: This stage of hyperthermia condition is seen in most people with sensitive skin. The skin slowly starts to irritate and inflame.
  • Heat Cramps: In this stage, the hydration level and the salts like potassium and sodium levels in your body drop greatly. This leads to less urine output and muscle cramps.
  • Heat Exhaustion/ Heat Stroke: If you are still not conscious of your body, it leads to heat stroke and exhaustion. In this stage, you may suffer from a blackout, urinary problems, heart problems, headache, fever, no sweating, and skin dryness.

Beat The Heat With These 5 Tips!

#1. Hydration and Moisturization Are The Key

Hydration and moisturization are always important for your skin, but in summer it is even more! Sun heat can dehydrate your skin resulting in excessive sebum production to protect itself from the heat. Excessive sebum clogs the pores leading to acne breakouts.

To avoid this condition, and to protect your skin from harmful pollutants use a solid hydrator and moisturizer. You can also drink plenty of water or any other form of drinks like fruit juices, or electrolyte to boost your energy.

#2. Eat Vegetables And Fruits High In Water Content

When water is most essential in Summer, it is best to consume vegetables and fruits high in water content. The best summer foods to have are fruits/vegetable salads, beans and sprouts salad, tomato, carrot, cucumber, watermelons, orange, strawberries, litchi, kiwi, avocados, and blackberries.

These foods also help you stay energetic.

#3. Consider Skincare Routine

Besides all the health and skin problems, excess exposure to the sun can cause dryness. Yes! more dryness because of frequent baths, long time in conditioning rooms, and excess sweat. Even if you are not directly exposed to the sun, your skin gets damaged. Therefore practice a skincare routine that includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, and using face masks, eye cream, and moisturizers.

#4. Use Sunscreen

Don’t step out without applying sunscreen whatsoever busy schedule you have! First, choose the best sunscreen that suits your skin and the amount you require to apply to the skin. Mostly, apply the sunscreen in thick layers and make sure to apply every 2 hours after spraying thermal mist.

#5. Maintain a Hair Care Routine

The three hair problems that could torment you in summer are dandruff, hair dryness, and excess oils consumption. Alke your skin, your hair turns dry when you are overly exposed to sun rays leading to dryness which in turn results in dandruff and also oil accumulation on the scalp. These problems also lead to itchy scalp, redness, and irritation.

To avoid these conditions, double shampoo your hair thrice a week. Condition the hair two times before and after shampooing, and also steam the hair properly.


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Disclosure: We’re letting you know that this post contains sponsored links which GetHealthy...

Disclosure: We’re letting you know that this post contains sponsored links which GetHealthy...

Disclosure: We’re letting you know that this post contains sponsored links which GetHealthy...

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